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Cass County Family YMCA Celebrates 50 Years in Current Location, 125 Years in Logansport

Railroad YMCA

Cass County Family YMCA Celebrates 50 Years in Current Location, 125 Years in Logansport

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the Cass County Family YMCA’s current building. In preparation for celebrating this milestone, we dug into our history. We knew that our YMCA had existed at least two decades prior to this building being built. However, we were collectively floored to learn our true history. This YMCA isn’t just 50 years old. And though it was officially recognized in 1944, this YMCA is even older than our 77-year-old charter. As a matter of fact, the YMCA has been a part of Cass County for a staggering 125 years!

The year was 1891. Benjamin Harrison was the President of the United States (and had previously been the president of an Indianapolis YMCA). The Dalton Gang had just robbed their first train. A Hatfield married a McCoy, thus ending their bloody family feud. And the Railroad YMCA opened its doors to weary workers here in Logansport, Indiana.

At the time, railroads served as the primary shipping arteries that connected our country from coast to coast. Workers who traveled with and serviced the rail cars would find themselves hundreds of miles from home on a regular basis. While the very first YMCAs were established within large cities due to those cities being the core of manufacturing, smaller towns like our own built YMCAs specifically for the railroaders who had layovers at our train hub.For just a few dollars per year and a promise to live a clean life, workers could sleep, bathe, and pass their downtime in reading rooms, exercising, and playing games at the Railroad YMCA. It was first located on what was then called “Railroad Street,” (now Melbourne Avenue).  While it originated in the depot there at the foot of 4th Street, the YMCA soon moved to a larger stand-alone location and expanded to offer a gymnasium and larger sleeping quarters and showers. Over the years, we have had separate locations for both a YMCA and a YWCA. In 1967, we combined the two organizations and moved into our current building here between Broadway and Market and 9th and 10th Streets.

Through years of service to the community, we have built a membership that continues to grow in number, even as the population of the city dwindles. Generations of children have learned to swim in our pool and they have grown into adults who bring their own children here for the same purpose. We offer afterschool care, homework help, and mentoring to local elementary students. Our senior members, many of whom have been members of the Y all their lives, gather here regularly for classes tailored to their abilities or just to have a cup of coffee and read the paper together. We offer diabetes prevention classes, dance, tumbling, youth sports, birthday parties, community meeting spaces for the Boy Scouts, the use of our pool for baptisms, group exercise classes… the list goes on, all in a building that is centrally located in Logansport. Stop by one day and watch how many of our young members walk or bike to the Y and wouldn’t be able to come if it weren’t for that accessibility. There is hardly an errand one can run in Logansport that doesn’t take you past the YMCA either coming or going. And that is exactly where an organization such as ours should exist.

There is no doubt the Cass County Family YMCA enjoys a deep, rich history. It is the hard work, persistence, and vision of dedicated individuals that have made it possible for the Y to be a vital part of our community for so many years. This passion and desire to make a difference in our community lives today with our staff, board, and volunteers. We work hard every day to provide services that impact our community and facilities that are open to all who want to be a part of the YMCA. Our Core values are the foundation upon which we build an authentic practice of inclusion. It’s the inclusion for all that makes the Cass County Family Y such a valuable asset to our community. We consider this location’s 50th anniversary to be just the first of many to come and we invite everyone to visit us and see why we are so dedicated to continuing to grow where we are, right in the heart of Cass County.

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The CASS COUNTY FAMILY YMCA is committed to providing programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. We make every effort to ensure that no one is turned away due to inability to pay. Financial assistance is available please contact us for more information.
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